Cotton “Easter” chicken(C.E.I.P “Vidal Portela”).

We are going to “reuse” some cotton “left overs” from Carnival costumes.

1-First we “colour” the cotton mixing some paint and water.

 p1010426.jpg p1010428.jpg p1010430.jpg

2- Let it dry on a heating radiator  (this will take till next day).


3- Then, take two pieces of cotton, a little bit of orange paper , two sticker eyes and an empty egg from a “surprise” chocolate egg.


3.Make two balls with cotton (a small one for the head and a big one for the body).Stick eyes and beak on the small one. Glue “head an body together..

 p1010466.jpg   p1010467.jpg

4.Put your “chicken” into the empty egg.



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