Milk/Juice Carton “chocolate” Easter house.(C.E.I.P Vidal Portela)-Pontevedra-SPAIN.

You need an empty and washed milk/juice carton openned on the top., some brown paper and a template with two small Easter eggs, and a bigger one, glue, scissors and permanent felt tip pen.


1- First mark a line with the felt tip pen to make the basket hanger and the roof of the house.


2.-Cut out the pieces , put glue all over the house and wrap the house with the brown paper.

p1010500.jpg p1010504.jpg p1010506.jpg

3-Cut out the brown paper left overs , cover the “house” and stapple the hanger.

p1010507.jpg p1010509.jpg p1010510.jpg

4-Colour the template and cut out the pieces.

      p1010511.jpg  p1010512.jpg

4- Stick the different pieces on the house.

p1010513.jpg             p1010514.jpg             p1010517.jpg

Two small windows, a big door, and the Easter rabbit at the back.

p1010518.jpg  p1010519.jpg

Now you can fill you basket with chocolates¡


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